Prayer of the Day: All Souls’ Day

O gracious God, we thank you this day for the gift of family and friends, many of whom are now departed. In your mercy O Lord, grant them eternal peace in your kingdom, according to their faith and service to you. While in their mortal bodies, they were flawed, yet loved dearly, and even to […]

A Prayer for Good Friday

A Prayer for Good Friday Lord Christ, have mercy upon us your servants. Give us grace this day to walk in love and peace to the glory of your Name. Keep us ever mindful of your most holy Passion, that we too may be faithful witnesses, and die to self this day. Holy Mary, God-bearer, […]

A Prayer of Desperation

I cry out to you O Lord, in the depths of my despair. My cries for help have fallen on deaf ears, and those who could help cannot be found. My God the fear that wells up within my soul! Shall Hades continue to reap his wealth from my Tartarean sorrow? Only you can save […]

A Collect for Memorial Day

A Collect for Memorial Day O God of Heaven, hear our prayers and our lament. Hear us O Lord. For those who have fallen in uniform; Lord hear our prayer. For those who have lost their life in service to their cause; Lord hear our prayer. For those who have come home, crippled and maimed; […]

Prayer of the Day: 28 April 2011

O great God of Heaven! How far we have strayed from your Holy commands. In your most august Name, we have murdered our brethren, plundered the poor, and spit upon the forsaken. Even now we have cast an idol of steel and iron and we have worshiped it- crying, “Lord! Lord! Truly only thou art […]