Grace and Hookers

I was a pawnbroker for a while. It was a career choice that I honestly do not regret one bit, even as I moved further away from the ethicalness of that particular industry. The job provided me with amazing benefits, I was compensated fairly for my work, and I got to help people every day […]

When Faith is Built on Sand

I remember the first time I was introduced to Christian Pacifism. It made literally, no sense to me whatsoever. As an eighteen year old kid (saying that as a twenty-six year old kid), the thought of Christian Pacifism was anathema. The very idea made me sick to my stomach. Pacifism wasn’t Christian in my eyes, […]


I’m still trying to figure out how to define my experience watching “Selma”, last night. The closest I can come to, is that it was a spiritual experience. “Selma” is heart-wrenching, and beautiful. The entire film, I could not help but think, “My God, what have we (white Americans) done?”. The answer to my question […]

Championing Life

With the Texas elections, there was an overwhelming victory by Republicans across the board. Many view the officials who have been elected to be valiant defenders of life. And perhaps these men are valiant protectors of the unborn (though I may disagree with their methods). I believe abortion to be a difficult decision, but one […]

A Response to Ferguson

For my brothers and sisters in Ferguson – the Lord is with you. While I know of your tears and your pain, I cannot say I understand it. I sympathize with your plight, but I have no firsthand experience with which to compare. I am a white man living in the United States. I have […]

God Bless the Refugees

God Bless the Refugees To this land they have traversed, From dangers only God can tell. Chancing life and limb and sanity; Daring climate extremes, and living hell. For a chance at freedom, it was worth it all. Some lost friends along the way, They were herded like cattle, Once reaching Freedom’s shore. Their entire […]

A Prayer of Desperation

I cry out to you O Lord, in the depths of my despair. My cries for help have fallen on deaf ears, and those who could help cannot be found. My God the fear that wells up within my soul! Shall Hades continue to reap his wealth from my Tartarean sorrow? Only you can save […]

Solace for the Broken Woman

My dear friend, So often I fail with words. Therefore let this, Serve as a suitable replacement. My heart aches for you, Whom I cherish sincerely. Your hurt, Is my hurt. Believe me when I say, I know your pain. For I have been There before. But please my dear, Do not harden your heart. […]

Requiescat In Pace Maya Angelou

Today we mourn a child of God, Maya Angelou, who has passed away from this earthly world. But moreso, we rejoice in the life that she lived, and in the legacy which she has left behind. In memory of her kind soul, I post this little quote of hers on life.   I’ve learned that no matter what […]

The Kingdom of God

The life of a Christian is a cycle. Every day we must strive to live in accordance with the ways and teachings of Jesus, the Christ. This is something that I am sure we each find extremely trying and difficult. Yet we proceed ever onwards, trusting that the Lord would see us through each day. […]

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